Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 5 - Back on the Horse

Day 5 shaped up as a hybrid day. We got up around 7:30am with designs on heading down the Blue Ridge Parkway to points south. We decided branch out in the food department and since we needed to head towards the Boone/Blowing Rock area used Rambler Hance's Urban Spoon IPhone app to find a local establishment. We located the Sunrise Grill based on its 95% favorable rating on Urban Spoon which is a practically unheard of rating (1 out of 5 people tend to be like Mikey and hate everything).  After eating our fill for $16 we headed to the Parkway for a leisurely ramble the 70ish miles to Mount Mitchell.  It was a gorgeous clear day in Western North Carolina and the views were fabulous.

We arrived at Mount Mitchell in a little less than 2 hours and began the climb up the hill.  This is my second trip here but the temperature change from the upper 5000s of altitude to the 6600 level at the summit never ceases to amaze with a 10 degree drop in thermometer each time.  We did the little museum tour and walked to the summit observation deck.  The story of the mountains exploration and the demise of Dr. Mitchell is pretty interesting.  Here is a more detailed link (Elisha Mitchell) and the story of the Big Tim Wilson is amazing as well. He tracked his trail a week after his death and led searchers to the body. The logging exhibit here is amazing as well. Much of this area was destructively clear cut in the late 19th and early 20th century. When your blogger thinks of Big Tim and looks at the hand saws and axes used by loggers then he a girly man.  Here are a few more pics from the top of the mountain.

Onward to Asheville we did a little driving tour of the city hitting the arts district and visiting the Grove Park Inn.  Love to stay here sometime.

On the way into Asheville we ate some AWESOME pulled pork at Webo's BBQ.  It is located in the corner of a Shell station but the 'cue was extremely good. Another good pull from Urban Spoon. Your Ramblers recommend the sweet sauce as the best complement to the pork.

After a motor tour of Asheville we hit the big roads (I40 and US 221) back to Banner Elk and The Lodge. We arrived in time for an excellent nap before heading back to the Banner Elk Cafe for supper (hey why mess with perfection). Supper was as good as breakfast with monster burgers and steak sandwiches all around.   After a little blog updating (.....and we're done) your Ramblers intend to finish the Long Way Round movie and hit the sack.  Tomorrow is a trip to Grandfather Mountain (sans 911 calls we hope).

Till then....keep rambling.

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